Jasprit Bumrah would have been doing a job in Canada but now became the Test captain, the sacrifice of his mother fulfilled the dream!

Jasprit Bumrah became the captain of Team India

In the absence of Rohit Sharma, fast bowler Jasprit Bumrah has been given the captaincy of the team. He will lead Team India in Edgbaston Test

The Indian team will land under the captaincy of a fast bowler after 35 years. Jasprit Bumrah in the Test match against England at Edgbaston (Jasprit Bumrah) Will be the captain of the team. India’s regular captain Rohit Sharma will not participate in this match due to being infected with Corona. Kapil Dev (Kapil Dev) For the first time since then, a fast bowler has been given the captaincy of the Test team. This Test match is the last Test match of the series played last year. Bumrah, who made his Test debut in the year 2018, would have been employed in Canada today if he had not proved his talent.

Bumrah faced struggles

Jasprit Bumrah has always said that the biggest and most important role in his success is that of his mother. Bumrah was very young when his father’s shadow rose above his head. After this, whatever the mother did for them, she did it. Jasprit Bumrah said in an interview, I was very young when father passed away. I don’t remember much. After that our condition was not good. I only had one pair of shoes. There used to be a pair of T-shirts. I used to wash it every day and use it again and again. I only remember my mother’s sacrifices. They have worked very hard and their sacrifices have paid off. He said, ‘In childhood you hear such stories that some people come and see you playing and get influenced by it after which they get selected. Same happened with me. These tough times make you stronger because you have seen struggling days before.

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Mother gave time till graduation

He said, I was in love with cricket since I was in fifth and sixth grade. But I used to do a job and it was difficult to convince him that a career can be made in cricket as well. But I was sure that I can do something in cricket. My mother gave me time to make a career in cricket after passing 10th. He said that it is time till your graduation. Try whatever you want to try. If I didn’t succeed, I would have to go to Canada. In the very first year of my college, I started playing IPL and then got a place in the Indian team.