Jeff Bezos Space Travel: 11 minutes of space travel and two big records broken, know what new records were made

Richard Branson of Virgin Galactic has overtaken Amazon founder Jeff Bezos by becoming the first billionaire person to fly as a space tourist. But there are at least two records that have been broken after Blue Origin’s space journey. The eyes of the world were fixed on this journey. In such a situation, let us know what are those two records that have been broken with this journey.

first record: 82-year-old Wally Funk also accompanied Jeff Bezos on this trip. They are recognized for completing NASA’s astronaut program in the 1960s. With this space journey, she has become the world’s oldest astronaut, who has gone to space. Before Wally Funk, this record was in the name of John Glenn. Glenn was 77 when he flew to space in 1998 with NASA’s Space Shuttle Discovery.

Second record: With this flight of Blue Origin, the world has got the youngest astronaut. 18-year-old Oviler Damon has become the youngest person to go into space. Earlier this record was in the name of Astronaut German Stepanovich Titov of the Soviet Union. Who flew to space on 6 August 1961 at the age of 26. Damon took off in that seat, for which $28 million was paid.

Blue Origin rocket launched on Apollo 11 landing date

Let us tell you that Jeff Bezos founded Blue Origin in the year 2000. Since then, the New Shepard spacecraft has been testing prototypes for a decade. However, today’s space journey was the first flight with a human crew. Today was also special in space travel because on this day, 52 years ago, Apollo 11 landed on the moon. At the same time, the rocket and capsule are named after 1961 Astronaut Alan Shepard, who was the first American to go to space.

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