Jeff Bezos Space Travel: Jeff Bezos will go on a space walk today, learn how to watch the entire journey

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos is about to fly into space today. Blue Origin’s New Shepard rocket will fly to space from the Texas launch site. Mercury 13 aviator Wally Funk will be a part of this flight along with Bezos, who has been invited by Bezos himself to be a part of this mission. Apart from this, the crew will include Bezos’ brother Mark Bezos and 18-year-old Oliver Daemen, for whom $ 28 million has been paid to buy space tickets.

Jeff Bezos founded Blue Origin in the year 2000. Since then, the New Shepard spacecraft has been testing prototypes for a decade. It has been said that so far it has successfully carried out Test 15 flight tests. But today’s flight will be the first flight with a human crew. The company is one of many other ventures in the private space industry. Blue Origin is getting a direct competition with Elon Musk’s SpaceX and Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic.

Who will do space travel with Bezos?

Like Richard Branson, Bezos is not going alone on this trip. Bezos will be accompanied by his younger brother Mark Bezos on the 11-minute space journey. In addition, 82-year-old Mercury 13 aviator Wally Funk and 18-year-old Oliver Damon are also part of the journey. Actually, Mercury 13 was a group of women who fulfilled the condition of becoming a NASA astronaut, but they never got a chance to go to space. In this way, Wally Funk will now become the oldest person in the world to go into space.

At the same time, Damon became a part of the New Shepard crew in the last moments. An unknown person had bought a ticket for a seat for 28 million, but due to busy schedules, he has not been able to go to space. After which Damon was included in the crew instead of that person.

How to watch Launching?

People can watch this entire launch live. New Shepard’s first crewed flight will begin airing at 7:30 a.m. EDT (11:30 GMT) on the company’s official website, According to Indian time, you will be able to watch it from 5 pm onwards. The launch of the rocket will take place at 9 am EDT (13:00 GMT) i.e. at 6:30 pm Indian time, the rocket will take off for space. Blue Origin said in a July 12 press release that the New Shepard flight would last 11 minutes and that a live telecast of the entire mission with the astronauts would be available on The company will also share mission updates throughout the day on Twitter via @BlueOrigin.

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