Jeff Bezos’ trip to space: Jeff Bezos will fly in space today, said- I am not nervous but excited about the journey

A few days after Richard Branson became the first billionaire to fly in space, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos is also ready to fly to space. On Tuesday, at 6.30 pm Indian time, Bezos will go on a space walk with his crew. Three other people are also going to space with Bezos, including his brother Mark Bezos. This flight will be carried out through the New Shepherd rocket of Bezos’s company Blue Origin.

This is going to be Blue Origin’s first astronaut flight, which will be sent into space from Launch Site One in western Texas. Once in space, the capsule will separate from the rocket and people will be able to feel the atmosphere without gravity. Bezos’s brother Mark Bezos is also going on this 11-minute space journey. At the same time, 82-year-old Volley Funk will also become the world’s oldest person to go into space. On the other hand, 18-year-old Oliver Damon will become the youngest person to go into space. At present, all these people are staying in ‘Astronaut Village’ of Blue Origin.

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