Jeff Bezos trip to space: Why is Blue Origin’s New Shepherd launching on ‘July 20’? Know 10 important things related to Bezos’s space trip

Today is a very special day because on this day 52 years ago, Apollo 11 landed on the moon and once again today a new history is going to be made in the field of space. American industrialist and Amazon founder Jeff Bezos will fly to space today in the New Shepherd spaceship of his company Blue Origin.

The future of space tourism will depend on Jeff Bezos’s 11-minute space journey. On July 20, at around 6:30 pm, he will leave for space with the help of automatic launching technology. During this, three more companions will be part of this historic moment by sitting in the capsule with him. Let us tell you that the New Shepherd capsule is fully automatic, due to which there will be no pilot in it.

Know 10 important things related to Jeff Bezos’s space travel-

1. Bezos will be joined by his brother Mark Bezos, 82-year-old former NASA astronaut Wally Funk and 18-year-old Oliver. New Shepherd Capsule can accommodate 6 people.

2. New Shepherd will be launched from the launching site in West Texas and from here it will go to an altitude of 110 km, which is called the ‘Limit of Space’ or ‘Carman Line’.

3. After taking off, the capsule will separate from the rocket and after a few minutes after going to the limit of space, it will land back on Earth with the help of a parachute.

4. The rocket and capsule are named after 1961 Astronaut Alan Shepherd, the first American to go to space.

5. Two minutes after launch, the New Shepherd will go up to a speed of 1029 meters per second, that is, its speed will be three times faster than the speed of sound.

6. After spending 9 minutes in space, the capsule will come back to Earth. While returning, parachutes will be opened to reduce the capsule’s speed to 26 kmph, which will reduce its speed to 1.6 kmph.

7. So far, Bezos’s company has tested the New Shepherd flight 15 times. All the flights have been successful except for one of these. Only once did the rocket booster crash. However, no damage was done to the capsule during this time. No human was involved during all these trials.

8. According to a NASA expert, the New Shepherd has a very powerful but simple engine. According to the company, the BE-3 engine of the rocket will generate 50,000 kg of thrust at the time of launch. At the same time, NASA’s rocket boosters produce 5.44 lakh kilograms of thrust at launch.

9. The team of engineers that built New Shepherd also includes 30-year-old Sanjal Gawande, who is part of Blue Origin. Sanjal Gawande was born in Kalyan city of Maharashtra.

10. Along with Jeff Bezos, 82-year-old woman and oldest astronaut Wally Funk and 18-year-old youngest astronaut Oliver Dimen will also join in this space trip.

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