Jharkhand: Weekly holiday on Sunday in non-Urdu schools, Urdu word will be removed from the name

Jharkhand Primary Education Department has issued an order for non-Urdu schools. An order has been given to remove the word ‘Urdu’ from such schools.

CM Hemant Soren. (file photo)

In Jharkhand, there were cases of government schools adding Urdu words at the local level, in the weekly holiday and changing the method of prayer. In view of the seriousness of the matter, the Hemant Soren government has taken a big decision. The Jharkhand Primary Education Department has ordered removal of the word ‘Urdu’ from schools which are not notified as Urdu schools. The department has also ordered that the weekly holiday of such schools should be on Sunday and not on Friday. It has also been said in the order that the morning prayer in non-Urdu schools should be kept as before.

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