JioBook: The wait for Jio’s cheap laptop is over! Price revealed, sale from this month, know who will get it first

Reliance Jio (Jio), which has created a sensation in the Indian smartphone market through “Jio Phone Next”, may soon launch its new laptop. There have been reports about this laptop named JioBook in the past, but for the first time it has been shown in India Mobile Congress 2022. According to the information, JioBook laptop can be offered at smartphone prices. Its cost will be 15 thousand rupees.

Reuters has Report It has been told that the JioBook laptop will be embedded with a 4G SIM card. Sources said that from this month it will be made available to the customers like schools and government institutions. It will be available for sale to the general consumers within the next three months.

According to the information, JioBook laptop will run on JioOS operating system. There will also be some Microsoft apps available in it. It will be equipped with Qualcomm’s processor based on Arm Limited’s technology. Because this laptop will run on the JioOS operating system, users will not be able to get the experience of Windows. However, in terms of usecase, it can meet the essential needs of the people. For example, work related to web browsing, e-mail etc. can be completed easily.

The biggest challenge before JioBook is to build its user base as Windows laptops dominate the market and users are friendly with them. We have seen that Google Chromebooks have also tried to create their own market, but they have not been successful on a large scale. The biggest strength of the JioBook may be its price. Offering laptops for 15 thousand rupees can attract people towards it. This can be a great gift for the students.

As per the reports, HP and Dell are leading the laptop market in India. The laptop market of sales of 1.4 crore units annually can expand by 15 percent after the launch of JioBook. Sources have said that the JioBook will be manufactured locally and the company is aiming to sell millions of units by March. The company can introduce JioBook very soon.



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