Job Alert: Jobs are being filled here, yet job vacancies are not decreasing

There has been an increase in the number of new jobs in Australia. There are many sectors where more than 10 percent jobs have been created.

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Even though a small number of people were given jobs in Australia in the August quarter. But even after this, the number of new jobs has been seen more than double than before the epidemic. In fact, there were 4,71,000 jobs in August 2022. If compare it with May 2022, it will have 10,000 Jobs are less. This information is available through the data of the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS). But these figures are also showing a different picture. The data shows that even though fewer people got jobs in the August quarter, it was more than before.

There were 4,71,000 jobs in Australia in the August quarter, compared to 3,34,00 in August last year at the same time. Last year, the lockdown was in force in the country due to the Delta variant and due to this the market was affected a lot. There has been an increase of 41 percent in new jobs this year as compared to last year.

Rapid recruitment by the private sector has helped reduce vacancies in Australia. In three months till August 2022, the number of vacant posts has come down to 3 per cent. On the other hand, there has been an increase of 11 per cent in new vacancies in the public sector.

Same number of unemployed people and vacant positions

Lauren Ford, head of labor statistics at the Australian Bureau of Statistics, said: “The number of job vacancies has declined by 2 percent in the three months to August 2022. Although historically it has remained high and is still more than twice the pre-pandemic level. Ford said, “A large increase in vacant positions due to the pandemic has been seen with a decrease in the number of unemployed people. Because of this, the number of unemployed people (4,88,000) was equal to the number of vacant posts (4,71,000) in August 2022. He said that the number of unemployed people was three times the number of vacancies that were lying vacant before the start of the pandemic.

The official further said that even though there has been a shortage in new jobs. But there are many sectors in Australia where people are still needed. “Despite the overall quarterly decline, the number of job vacancies in some industries has continued to rise,” says Ford. For example, retail trade (more than 15 percent) and accommodation and food service (more than 14 percent). This shows the shortage of labourers.’

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In which sectors are there vacancies?

Australia’s Tasmania (a 17 percent decrease) and Western Australia (a 7 percent decrease) saw a decrease in the number of jobs. At the same time, Queensland (more than 9 percent) and Victoria (more than 5 percent) have the highest number of jobs. If we talk about the industry, then there are more than 17 percent new jobs in transport, postal and warehousing. At the same time, this number is 15 percent in the retail trade.