Jobs 2022: New jobs are coming out! 61 percent companies are interested in new hiring, these sectors will have maximum recruitment

Hiring in 2022: TeamLease Employment Outlook has said in its report that 61 percent of Indian companies can recruit on different roles.

TeamLease Employment Outlook Report: TeamLease Employment Outlook has prepared a report on employment for July to September 2022. In this report, hiring in 14 cities and 23 regions of India (Jobs 2022) has been given. During this period, 61 percent of Indian companies are eager to hire new employees. According to the results of the report, the willingness to hire employees has increased by 7 percent from the previous quarter. In this way it has gone up from 54 per cent to 61 per cent. In such a situation, it is like a golden opportunity for the youth who are wandering in search of jobs.

The maximum recruitment is expected in metro and tier 1 cities. Here the hiring desire is seeing a 6 percent increase in the coming quarter as compared to the previous quarter. In this way, the hiring desire has now reached 89 percent. On the other hand, tier 2 cities have also seen a 7 per cent increase in willingness to hire. It will reach 62 percent in the coming quarter. On the other hand, Tier 3 cities are witnessing a 3 per cent increase in new hiring desire, where new hiring readiness may increase from 34 per cent to 37 per cent. At the same time, there can be an increase of 2 percent in rural areas.

City Wise Hiring 2022

If we talk about cities, then Delhi is going to have the highest hiring. In such a situation, this is going to be a golden opportunity for the youth who are looking for work in Delhi. Companies in Delhi are willing to hire up to 72 per cent. After this, Mumbai is at number two, where companies have expressed their willingness to hire up to 59 percent. Chennai is at number three, where companies can increase hiring by 55 percent. This hiring is to be done in the manufacturing sector. At the same time, talking about the service sector, companies in Bangalore can do 97 percent new hiring. The second number is occupied by Mumbai with 81 percent and Delhi with the third number 68 percent.

What is the calculation of hiring with business size

Talking about business size, hiring is going to be highest in small companies. Such companies have expressed willingness of up to 47 per cent for new appointments with an increase of 6 per cent. If we talk about medium and large companies, then they are interested in new appointments up to 69 percent. If overall it is said that there is going to be more recruitment in big companies, then it should not be wrong.

Which job roles will be recruited the most

In the coming quarter, the maximum recruitment is going to be on junior-level roles. It has seen an increase of 10 percent as compared to the previous quarter. Up to 61 percent can be recruited on these posts. On the other hand, 6 per cent growth has also been seen in entry level jobs. At the same time, up to 4 percent of new hiring can be done in mid-level jobs. At the senior level, this figure is 2 percent.

Which sector will have maximum recruitment?

The engineering and marketing sector is going to have the highest number of recruitments in the coming quarter. There is going to be an increase of up to 70 percent in the engineering sector. Up to 63 percent of new recruitments can be seen in marketing roles. Hiring can be up to 90 percent and 83 percent in the sales and IT sectors, respectively.