Johnny Depp’s ex-wife Amber Heard’s financial condition deteriorated, California house had to be sold

Amber Heard’s financial condition has worsened after losing her defamation case to ex-husband Johnny Depp. Recently he had to sell his house to handle his financial situation.

Amber Heard had to sell her house again

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The high profile case of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard has been heard, but even after this, for some reason or the other, both of them often remain in the headlines. In this case that lasted for a long time, the court hollywood actor johnny depp Judgment in favor of Heard and dismissed all the allegations made by Heard and ordered him to pay the fine as soon as possible. Since then, news keeps coming to the fore regarding the financial condition of Amber Heard. Now another new update has come out in this case, in which he has to sell his house due to his serious financial condition.

Recently Amber Heard decided to sell her property located in California to Yucca Valley. Due to which there could be some improvement in their financial condition. Let us tell you that after losing the defamation case against her ex-husband, the news of Amber Heard’s financial condition has been continuously in the headlines. If reports are to be believed, Heard recently sold his Zillow property for 1.5 lakh dollars. Which was bought by an unknown trust.

According to reports, the family members of Amber Heard took one and a half lakh rupees for the Yuka Valley property, after which they paid 570 thousand dollars. With this, he has taken advantage of a fat 480 thousand dollars from this property.

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