Juno spacecraft captured amazing image of Jupiter

American space agency NASA’s Juno spacecraft has captured a stunning image above the clouds while flying near Jupiter. In this, two of Jupiter’s moons Callisto and Io are visible. This recently released image was taken by the spacecraft’s JunoCam almost a year ago.

This image was taken during Juno’s 38th flyby of the largest planet in the Solar System. in this Jupiter But the thick clouds and its two moons are visible. NASA said in a statement that this image was taken from about 14,000 kilometers above Jupiter. During this, the speed of the spacecraft was more than 1,98,000 kilometers per hour. Even before this, Juno has captured some astonishing images while flying near Jupiter. Last year, the spacecraft took images of the largest moon in the Solar System. This spacecraft was launched about 11 years ago.

Due to high radiation on Jupiter, the captured image is also affected along with the spacecraft. Total eclipses are more frequent on Jupiter than on Earth. The main reason for this is the four big moons of Jupiter, which often pass between Jupiter and the Sun. NASA The Juno mission has been sent to understand the weather and other conditions on the largest planet of the Solar System. It entered Jupiter’s atmosphere about six years ago and has been flying near the planet ever since. It has given some exciting information about the planet.

The James Webb Telescope, the largest telescope sent into space, is surprising the world with its pictures. Recently this telescope has captured a detailed picture of the Pillars of Creation. Looking at it, it seems as if preparations are going on for some construction in space… some big construction is going on. NASA had told that in the picture there are huge structures of gas and dust filled with stars. This image was jointly released by NASA and the European Space Agency ESA. NASA had reported that the James Webb Telescope took this image of the Eagle Nebula, 6,500 light-years away from Earth. <!–


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