‘Justice for J6’: Rally in support of rioters who rioted at Capitol building, Washington DC on high alert

Washington DC, the capital of America, is once again on high alert. In fact, on January 6, a rally is to be organized in support of the pro-Trump rioters who ransacked the US Capitol in the US, so security has been increased. However, at this time the security forces are better prepared to deal with major action than at that time.

This rally is going to happen on Saturday. Capitol Police’s Uniform Operations Acting Assistant Sean Gallagher said officers expected a peaceful event later this week. But the security system is ready to deal with any situation. The rally is being held on Saturday, so Congress members will not be in the Capitol Building. Apart from this, many people are on summer break and they are not going to return to the city before next week.

Who is organizing the rally?

The ‘Justice for J6’ rally in Washington is being organized by ‘Look Ahead America’. It is a non-profit organization headed by Matt Brainard. He has worked as an analyst for the Republican Party. After Donald Trump was sacked from the 2016 election campaign, Brainard started ‘Look Ahead America’. But after the defeat in the 2020 elections, his fortunes changed.

In fact, Brainard joined a group of Trump supporters demanding changes in the election results. In this process, his organization benefited greatly, as he received a lot of funds. The group plans to organize similar rallies across the country in the coming weeks. It has appealed to attendees to show respect to law enforcement officers and refrain from bringing banners of Donald Trump.

How many protesters are expected to attend the rally?

However, there is no exact number of protesters. Police say organizers have obtained permits for 700 protesters. But officials say that a large number of people can attend this rally. Capitol Police Chief Tom Manger told reporters, “I think that’s what we’re most concerned about. In this demonstration, there is a possibility of violence between two groups of protesters.

What are the security arrangements in Washington?

After the riots on January 6, a black fence that surrounded the campus for six months has been reinstalled. Apart from this, surveillance cameras have also been activated. 100 officers of the National Guard have been put on standby, so that they can handle the situation by being active at the request of the Capitol Police and local law enforcement. Capitol Police warned at a news conference that there was potential for violence as a counter-rally was about to take place nearby.

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