Kamya Punjabi News: For Panipuri, Kamya Punjabi had to pay a price of Rs 1 lakh, due to which the loss was averted

Kamya Punjabi had to pay a price of Rs 1 lakh

Kamya Punjabi recently went to Indore for an event. He had also shared many interesting photos from indoor on social media account, but during this he kept on suffering heavy losses.

TV actressKamya Punjabi‘ (Kamya Punjabi) is fond of food. Recently, for the pani puri he had eaten in Indore, he would have had to pay a price of about Rs 1 lakh but this did not happen. Actually Kamya Punjabi went to Indore for a program. While returning back to Mumbai, this ex-contestant of Bigg Boss, on the request of her friend, went to the local stall of Indore to enjoy breakfast. Later when Kamya noticed that the envelope of Rs 1 lakh was missing from her, Kamya’s friend immediately went to that place and saw that the envelope of Rs 1 lakh was safe at the same place where she had left the envelope.

Forgot 1 lakh rupees in the affair of eating panipuri

Kamya said that it was only after reaching her hotel in Indore that she noticed that she did not have the envelope and then she remembered that she had left it at the same stall. Talking to Times of India, Kamya said, ‘I was in Indore for an event on Sunday. On my way back, my friend producer Santosh Gupta told me that there is a shop in Indore where lotus ki panipuri is available. As Indore is famous for its chaat, I couldn’t deny it.”

got back 1 lakh rupees

Kamya further said that “When I went to eat Panipuri, I had an envelope containing 1 lakh cash. While I was eating, I put it on a table in the shop. I got so engrossed in eating the chaat and taking pictures of the place that I left the envelope there. After coming to the hotel, when I told this to my friend, he immediately reached that shop. During that time I was under a lot of stress and was just hoping that somehow I would get that envelope back.

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Kamya became a fan of Indore

Thanking her stars, Kamya Punjabi said, “Where we ate chaat, there was a lot of crowd but when my friend reached there, he saw that my packet was exactly where we left it. He spoke to Dinesh Gurjar, the owner of the Pani Puri stall and took back the envelope. I was thrilled to hear this news as I was almost sure that we would not find it there. But I must say that the people of Indore are really nice and kind.”