Kamya Punjabi targeted the troller, said- speak to your mother….

Kamya remains very active on Punjabi social media. This famous actress gives a befitting reply to those who troll her.

Kamya Punjabi targeted the troller

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famous television actress Kamya Punjabi These days, she is in discussion about her second marriage. After being trolled on social media, Kamya has put a fierce class on the troller. In fact, recently a social media user tagged Kamya and wrote that history repeats itself. You will soon divorce your second husband as well. While reacting to the user’s post, Kamya Punjabi wrote, “Aap kuch kehna hai aapko. You should take your filth shop somewhere else.

Kamya further wrote that “You people do not even know what you are talking about. Despite this, you people keep spreading your filth everywhere. Take a deep breath and drink some water. Ask your mother to teach you some manners.” Many social media users have also strongly supported Kamya’s post.

Had a second marriage in 2020

Significantly, Kamya Punjabi married famous business man Shalabh Dang in 2020. Both the couples met for the first time in Delhi. After which both fell in love with each other and decided to marry both in 2020. Earlier, Kamya was married to Punjabi Bunty Negi. Kamya and Bunty have a 10 year old daughter Aara. However, Kamya later divorced Bunty. After which Kamya has chosen Salabh as her life partner. At the same time, Shalabh also has a son named Ishaan from his first wife.

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Got emotional support from husband

Talking about Shalabh Dang and her relationship, Kamya Punjabi had said that, I have got a lot of emotional support from my husband. Which was missing in my life for many years. There was a time when due to non-availability of work for six months, I could neither sleep properly nor wake up. However, after marrying Shalabh, my emotional struggle has reduced.