Kangana Ranaut changed her tone about Shahrukh Khan’s ‘Pathan’, said- ‘Such films…’

Kangana Ranaut: Actress Kangana Ranaut does not hold back from giving her outspoken opinion against Bollywood’s big actors, but in an event, Kangana’s changed tone was seen. Kangana praised Shah Rukh Khan’s film Pathan.

Kangana Ranaut

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Kangana Ranaut on Shah Rukh Khan Film Pathan: Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut has often been seen speaking against bigwigs. Kangana has also not lagged behind in criticizing the Khans of Bollywood. However, now Kangana’s tone seems to have changed a bit. Kangana, who used to taunt Bollywood, seems to have suddenly had a change of heart. Yes, recently Kangana Ranaut has praised Shahrukh Khan’s film Pathan in the wrap-up party of her film Emergency. Anupam Kher was also present in the party along with Kangana. When asked about Pathan, both started praising Shahrukh Khan.

When Kangana Ranaut was asked what she would say about the film Pathan, she said, “Fortunately for us, the film is doing well.” Such films should run’ Apart from Kangana, Anupam Kher was also present at the event. Anupam Khen called Pathan the best film and said it is a very big film. At the same time, from Hrithik Roshan to Vidyut Jammwal and Rajkumar Rao’s wife Patralekha were also seen praising Shah Rukh Khan’s film Pathan.

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However, people are not able to accept Kangana’s praise of Pathan in this way. People cannot believe how Kangana has changed so much. Users are commenting fiercely on this statement of Kangana. Let us tell you that Kangana has once again returned to Twitter. He has once again targeted Bollywood as soon as he came on Twitter. On the day of Pathan’s release, Kangana tweeted and said that ‘the success of a film is always measured on the basis of numbers and not on the basis of its quality. Kangana said- The film industry is so stupid that whenever it has to project its success, instead of focusing on its creativity, it always starts showing the glow of digits on your face. This is clearly an indication of how low the standard of the film industry has fallen. Even though Kangana has not named anyone in this tweet, it is being considered as a target on Pathan.

Talk about ‘Pathan’, then Shahrukh Khan’s film has raised flags on the first day itself. The film has earned more than 52 crores on the very first day. It is believed that Pathan completed his century on the very second day of its release. Shahrukh Khan’s fans are very excited about the film.