Kangna took class as true to the spoof video of Qatar Airways CEO, people are enjoying this way on Twitter

Kangana trapped by sharing fake video

Image Credit source: Twitter

Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut, who has been in statements regarding her controversies, has shared a fake video. After which he started being trolled by the users. However, when he came to know about the truth of the video, he immediately deleted the post, but by then the matter had gone viral.

Prophet Muhammad The matter of allegedly making derogatory remarks for Although after this comment, BJP has suspended Nupur Sharma, but still many other countries like Saudi, UAE, Kuwait and Qatar have spoken of apologizing while condemning India. Apart from this, Indian products are also being boycotted in these countries. Following this stance, a section of India’s social media users started demanding a boycott of Qatar Airways on Twitter. But in this boycott campaign, two ridiculous videos are very much discussed and are becoming very viral on social media. A reaction of Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut has also come to the fore on this matter. After which she became the target of trollers.

Actually Twitter user Vasudev started a trend named #BycottQatarAirways, with which he has shared a video. In which he is demanding the boycott of Qatar Airways from the people. He said in his video that this is the same Qatar which gave citizenship to MF Hussain. MF Hussain had made a nude picture of our Mother Sita and Mother Durga and today he is giving knowledge to India on the statement of Nupur Sharma. Apart from this, Qatar has started firing Indians from its jobs, in response, we should boycott Qatar Airlines and Qatar’s goods. However, Vasudev later deleted this video.

After this video of Vasudev, a funny spoof video came into the discussion among the people on Twitter. In which Qatar Airways CEO Akbar Al Bakr is saying while giving an interview to Al Jazeera. I have canceled all my meetings. Vasudev is the largest shareholder of our company. He has made a huge investment of Rs 624 50 paise in our company. We are not able to understand from this decision of his, how should we run our business now because after this decision of his, all our flights have come to the ground at present. Apart from this, the CEO says that this is a special type of boycott. Whose spelling is ‘bycott’. Vasudev ji, our wish is to give you a new plane in which you will be able to make your own tik tok videos. Please take back this announcement, otherwise how will we survive.

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The funny thing amidst all these cases was that Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut accepted this spoof video as true and wrote a long post on Instagram against the CEO of Qatar Airways. However, after the trolling of the users, he deleted his post.