Karan Johar Net Worth: From luxury car to luxurious house, Bollywood director Karan Johar is the owner of so many crores

Karan Johar is the owner of crores

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Today Karan Johar is celebrating his 50th birthday. On this special day of Karan Johar, let us know how many crores the owner of such a big production house has.

Bollywood’s renowned director, producer and screenwriter Karan Johar, who ruled the hearts of people with his directing skills, is celebrating his 50th birthday today. Karan Johar (Karan Johar) is a well-known face in the entertainment world. Born on 25 May 1972 in Mumbai, Maharashtra to Yash and Hiroo Johar, Karan Johar has presented himself as a brand in the film world. Karan often gives opportunities to young and new talent through his films and helps them to get special recognition. Karan Johar, the owner of Dharma Production, maintains his lifestyle and lives life in a very luxurious and luxurious way. Hardly you know, but Karan, who changed history from behind the camera, is the owner of property worth crores.

In today’s time, the name of Karan Johar comes in those famous directors who have no shortage of anything. The actor’s last Bollywood film A Din Hai Mushkil proved to be a tremendous hit at the box office. On Karan’s 50th birthday, let us know how many crores the owner of such a big production house has.

caknowledge.com According to the report, Karan Johar has a net worth of 200 US dollars. Talking about the Indian currency, Karan Johar is the sole owner of Rs 1400 crore. At the same time, media reports also believe that Karan Johar charges around Rs 3 crore for directing the film. Karan Johar’s wealth has increased by almost 80 percent in the last few years. The famous producer is included in the list of highest tax paying star in the film industry. Karan is counted among the highest paid directors of the industry.

Karan has not one but two luxurious houses.

At the same time, Karan has one luxurious house and vehicles. In the year 2010, Karan bought Sea Face Duplex on Carter Road in Mumbai. Which was 8 thousand square feet and its price is about 40 thousand rupees square feet. Talking about the design of the house, the balcony of this house has been designed by Shah Rukh Khan’s wife Gauri Khan. Not only this, Karan Johar has another house in Malabar Hills of Mumbai, which is worth about 20 crores. This house of Karan is no less than a palace.

Karan is the emperor of luxury vehicles

Apart from this, there is also a line of all luxury vehicles in Karan Johar’s Godown. Karan has many luxury vehicles, whose price is up to 8 crores. Car brands include BMW 745, BMW 760, Mercedes S Class and Mercedes Maybach worth around Rs 2 crore. Apart from this, he has also made personal investment of about Rs 480 crore.

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Karan donated 5 crores to the Indian Army

The owner of Dharma Productions has also made many donations. Recently, he gave a donation of 5 crores to the Indian Army Services. Let us tell you that in the year 2017, Karan Johar became the father of two twins through surrogacy and a son and a daughter were born in their house. Karan’s son was named Yash while the daughter was named Roohi, the reverse of his mother Hiru’s name.