Karan Johar revealed the issues related to his body image, expert told this reason

Filmmaker Karan Johar is a big believer in hug therapy eight times a day and said that he has two kids which make him very happy.

Karan Johar

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In the last episode of season 7 of Koffee With Karan, filmmaker Karan Johar revealed that he was suffering from severe anxiety problems five years ago. dynamic host Karan Johar told the audience that this was actually the worst phase of his life. Karan said that, “My psychologist helped me a lot in that bad phase. My doctor told me that anxiety is very difficult to pin point because you might think that it could be the trigger but it could be something else.”

The filmmaker revealed about his mental state in the year 2016. He also confirmed that he was depressed and was undergoing treatment. The symptoms of depression can be different in different people. Depression is now common but it is a serious condition. The main symptoms are poor mood and not feeling happy, but a combination of many unique symptoms can be the reason. The symptoms of two people suffering from depression can be different from each other.

Depression can be different

The causes of depression are different and people can have different reasons for its symptoms. Psychological trauma is one reason for this. And inflammation is identified as a possible cause in many research studies. Several genetic factors have also been identified, each of which has little effect. There are about thousands of small genetic effects in every person with unique combinations that can increase the risk of depression.

Some chronic diseases that were associated with depression, anxiety, or depressive and anxious symptoms included cardiovascular and metabolic diseases, certain types of cancer, atopic diseases, and chronic or recurring pain syndromes. According to one study, men who had anxiety and depression by the age of 20 were 72 percent more likely to develop a chronic condition. Whereas, men with anxiety at age 60 were more likely to have a reduction of more than eight percent in their risk. These findings suggest that depression and anxiety are more likely to recur after some time and are more severe when depression and anxiety occur together.

body image is also a problem

Although Karan Johar says that he is happy now, but the problem of his body image still remains. He told in the show that, “When I have to get into the swimming pool, it takes me a lot of time to gather the courage to do so. I stand at the very edge of the pool and wrap a towel around myself first, then I jump in the water and then take off the towel.” The filmmaker said that issues related to body image have been bothering him since a very young age, to which guest Kusha Kapila agreed that he too has many issues with his body.

Puducherry-based psychologist Pulkit Sharma in a conversation with News9 said, “In our country, there is a lot of emphasis on slimness in the society. Being thin is linked to being healthy. Slimness is so glorified and idealized that many family and friends do not even realize that someone around them has an eating disorder. If one is not eating food, then it is considered good, it will help her to get a good husband.

may have an eating disorder

Sharma says that once a person has an image about his body, he starts changing his eating habits. Sharma said, “There is a lot of anxiety while eating or thinking about such people. Today people have weighing machines in their homes and they track their food on health app and see how many calories they have consumed. Once you become concerned about how you look, everything changes. Poor mental health can lead to eating disorders.”

Dr. Vinita Tandon, Senior Consultant, Internal Medicine at PSRI Hospital, New Delhi, believes that eating disorders are not limited to teens only. Dr Tandon said, “It affects people of all ages. People today are eating processed food, and canned food which is high in sugar and salt. Young people prefer to eat fresh food less. We do not take protein and essential nutrients and consume saturated fat whereas unsaturated fat is good for the body which, we get from fish and nuts. Cases of eating disorder are increasing because emotion eating has played an important role in this.”

Hug therapy is effective

Karan is a great believer in hug therapy eight times a day and he said that he has two kids which keep him very happy. He said that hug therapy has helped him to keep his mood right and get him out of his depression.

Hugging reduces stress which can help you stay healthy. In a study of more than 400 adults, researchers found that hugging can reduce a person’s chances of getting sick. Participants with more support systems were less likely to get sick. And those with more support systems who became ill had fewer severe symptoms than those who had less support systems or no support systems.

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