Karan Patel mocked Kangana Ranaut’s oxygen tweet, told the actress the standup comedian

TV actor Karan Patel remains very active on social media. He gives his opinion on every issue. Also, on social media, this time, Karan has shared a post mocking Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut. Kangana recently tweeted that we should take oxygen from the environment. Let us tell you that many people are dying due to lack of oxygen in the second wave of Corona. In such a situation, other countries are helping India so that the lack of oxygen can be overcome.

Karan has shared a post on social media making fun of Kangana’s tweet and called her a stand-up comedian. While sharing Kangana’s tweet on her Instagram story, Karan wrote – This woman is the funniest stand-up comedian of this country.

See Karan Patel’s post here

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Karan Patel Instagram Story

Kangana had tweeted that everyone is engaged in building as many oxygen plants as possible. Many tons of oxygen cylinders are being brought, no one can tell what we are doing to compensate for the oxygen we are taking from the environment. We seem to have learned nothing from our mistake and disaster.

Karan has mocked Kangana in the past as well

Karan is often seen making fun of Kangana Ranaut on social media. Karan also made fun of her when Kangana compared her to Gal Gadot. He had written – If the above person sent them, he sent them, but he did not send them at all. Earlier, Karan had also raised questions about Kangana’s handling of Rangoli. He said what was the difference between him and nepotism.

Kangana’s Twitter account suspended

Kangana Ranaut’s Twitter account has been suspended forever after tweeting on Tuesday. Kangana had commented after TMC won the election in West Bengal as well as tweeted. Before Kangana, his sister Rangoli was also banned from Twitter account last year. Kangana shared the statement after the Twitter account was suspended.

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