Karnataka Mathrushree Scheme 2022: Application Form, Benefits

Karnataka Mathrushree Scheme Application Form pdf Download, Eligibility & Benefits, How to Apply for Mathrupoorna YojanaBeneficiary List District Wise

The Karnataka State Government will establish the Mathrushree Scheme for pregnant women. Karnataka Matrushree Scheme. The state would provide pregnant women with Rs. 6,000 through DBT under this Mathrupoorna Yojana. This Maternity Benefit Scheme aids BPL mothers throughout pregnancy. Pregnant mothers will get Rs. 1,000 per month for three months before and after birth. The scheme aims to help pregnant women by giving them financial aid and health care support. In this post, we will shed some light on the Karnataka Mathrushree Schemeits objectives, benefits, and application procedure.

Karnataka Mathrushree Scheme 2022

Beginning on November 1, 2018, the government of Karnataka State launched the Mathru Shree plan with a total funding allotment of Rs. 350 crores. The government increased this monthly payment gradually; it is now set at 1,000 rupees. This program is available for families expecting their first two children.

The expectant mother will get Rs. 1,000 per month throughout the seventh, eighth, and ninth months of pregnancy, as well as Rs. 1,000 per month for three consecutive months after the child is born. For the three months leading up to the birth, the money is sent directly into the Aadhaar-linked bank accounts of pregnant women from BPL households, and for the three months after delivery, it is transferred into the bank accounts of breastfeeding mothers.

The goal of the Matru Poorna initiative is to promote maternal health, which will have a knock-on effect on the nutritional status of both mothers and their children. Under the programme, it is anticipated that the price of each meal would be around 21 rupees (per meal). Meals would be supplied to pregnant women for a total of fifteen months, beginning at the beginning of the pregnancy and continuing for as long as six months after the baby is born.

Karnataka Kayaka Yojana

Mathrupoorna Yojana Overview

Name of the Post Karnataka Mathrushree Scheme
Launched in Karnataka state only
Launched by CM HD Kumaraswamy
Tentative implementation 1st November 2018
Beneficiaries Pregnant women from BPL families
Official Website www.services.india.gov.in

Karnataka Mathrushree Scheme Objectives

Across the state of Karnataka, the “Mathru Purna Scheme” or “Matru Poorna Scheme” is being carried out by the state government for pregnant and nursing women who are in need of financial assistance. The Mathrupoorna Yojane is an initiative with the goal of ensuring that pregnant women, especially those who live in rural parts of the state, have access to at least one nourishing meal each day.

Karnataka Arogya Sanjeevini Scheme

Mathrushree Scheme Benefits and Features

The following are the key features and highlights of the Mathrushree Scheme 2022:

  • The government of the state of Karnataka launched the Mathru Shree program on November 1 with a progressive allocation of Rs. 350 crores.
  • The government will gradually increase this monthly amount from Rs. 1,000 over the next five years.
  • The state government of Karnataka would offer Rs. 6,000 to every pregnant BPL mother.
  • Karnataka Mathrushree Yojana will continue to be limited to the first two infants.
  • Mothers expecting their third child will not qualify for this program.
  • The Mathrushree Scheme funding will be distributed in six equal payments of Rs. 6,000 every month. Before pregnancy 3 months and after pregnancy 3 months.
  • The government started implementing the Mathrupoorna Yojana on November 1, 2018.
  • The government will transmit the pregnancy assistance money immediately through DBT. As DBT is modern, safe, and transparent.

Karnataka Mathrushree Scheme Eligibility

The eligibility requirements for the program are listed below;

  • BPL households – Only BPL families with government documentation may apply for this scheme.
  • The new Karnataka state government will finance this initiative, to only Karnatakans ie who are permanent residents of the state of Karnataka.
  • The award is limited to the first two children. Only the first two children will get it.

Mathrupoorna Yojana documents

The documents needed for the application procedure in the Mathrushree Scheme are:

  • Aadhaar Card or identification card.
  • Mobile number or contact details.
  • BPL Ration card.
  • Pregnancy reports.
  • The bank account information associated with the Aadhar card.

Karnataka Arundhati Scheme

Karnataka Mathrushree Scheme Application Process

The state administration and the various agencies are still hard at work putting the finishing touches on the processes for implementation and application. A procedure that must be followed in order to apply for the Mathrushree program is shown below;

  • Pay a visit to the Anganwadi Center and the ASHA or Auxiliary Nurse Midwife personnel who are located closest to the applicant.
  • Beneficiaries will get assistance from these individuals in the process of filling out the scheme application form and submitting it to the Supervisor or ANM for confirmation along with the necessary documentation.