Karun Nair showed pain about himself, said before IPL…

Karun Nair: As the IPL is getting closer, the excitement among the spectators is increasing. The world’s number one T20 league is going to start from 26 March this time. For which all the teams have intensified their preparations. And this time the team of Rajasthan Royals IPL 2022 Looks the strongest. At the same time, there is also a batsman in Rajasthan who is constantly struggling to perform well in T20. We are talking about Karun Nair, who is playing for RR in IPL this time.

Karun Nair will play for Rajasthan Royals

Let us tell you that in IPL Mega Auction 2022, Karun Nair was bought by Rajasthan Royals for Rs 1.40 crore. His base price was 50 lakhs. Along with this, Karun Nair also has good experience in IPL. So far, Nair has played a total of 73 matches in the IPL, in which he has scored 1480 runs batting at an average of 24.3.

Along with this, Karun has also played 10 half-centuries in IPL. At the same time, his best batting score is 83 not out in IPL. Even before this, this player has played for Rajasthan Royals. Although Nair has never been the main batsman for any franchise in the IPL, he himself has confirmed this. He is seen as a test specialist. Nair has always been a bit behind in T20 cricket. The player himself has given a big statement regarding this matter.

Karun Nair said a big thing about himself

Karun Nair

Karun Nair has said in the release issued by Rajasthan Royals before IPL that teams in T20 do not see him as a T20 specialist batsman. Although he has also said that he is fully prepared to prove himself in the IPL this time. Karun Nair said,

“The reason behind this in my opinion is that I have never been the main player of any team in T20 cricket. If you see, whenever I score runs, there is someone else who scores better in the same match.”

he adds,

“I feel like I have never been the main player of any team in T20 cricket. If you see, whenever I score runs, there is someone else who scores better in the same match. One of the reasons why people don’t see me as a T20 specialist is because I have been asked to play different kinds of roles over the years and sometimes I succeed and sometimes I don’t. Is.”

Will put his whole life for RR in IPL 2022

Karun Nair

The middle order batsman (Karun Nair) has also said in the press release issued that he will give his life for Rajasthan Royals this season. Along with this, he has also mentioned that whatever role will be given to him in the team, he will try his best to play it. Karun Nair said,

“I am looking forward to a great season with Rajasthan Royals and focus on doing whatever I have been asked to do. Obviously a lot of things have changed since I was here (in Rajasthan), but this team has always been a home for me. We have a balanced team, and I enjoy getting to know everyone here.

However, Rajasthan Royals will start their campaign in IPL 2022 by playing against Sunrisers Hyderabad on March 29.