KBC 13: After Deepti, even Prasad Subhash could not do wonders, know who won how much money

The stage of Kaun Banega Crorepati 13 has always been very special for every contestant. Where in today’s episode has reached the hotseat Deepti Tupe who was from Pune Maharashtra, who was a travel constable. He told that in order to make a career in travelling, he had studied for it earlier.

Let us tell you that Deepti is very fond of dressing and shopping. Amitabh joked that he would never call Deepti aunty. While talking, Deepti said that she never interrupts her children. In this conversation, Deepti asked Big B whether he had cycled without practice in his Piku, on which Big B could not ride a cycle. During this, Amitabh Bachchan said in fun that who forgets even the first love…

Big B asked Dipti before… all the words from spin, rinse and dry are associated with which household appliance?

2-Washing Machine
3-air conditioner
4-room heater…to which Deepti gave the correct answer by choosing the second option.

Let us tell you that while playing the game, Deepti took two life lines on the same question on the very first question of the second stop. Although she already knew the correct answer to that question. After this he again took the lifeline on the second question as well. At the same time, Deepti could win only 1.50 lakhs and she had quit the show.

Subhash had reached the seat

Prasad Subhash Menkudle reached the seat after Deepti’s departure, he is an Intamtax Instant Commission. Everyone was happy as soon as he came to his seat. During this, Big B also joked a lot with him. However, he could not last long in the show. Prasad Subhash had a lifeline, yet he gave the wrong answer and won only 10 thousand rupees.

Although Big B appeared in the mood for fun even after Subhash’s departure, he said that if you ever meet him, then have mercy on me. After Prasad leaves, the hooter rings and the show ends today. That is, a new contestant is going to be seen in front of Amitabh Bachchan on Tuesday.

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