KBC 14: Question of Rs 7.5 crore, after hearing Kavita Chawla left the show, can you give the correct answer?

Kaun Banega Crorepati 14 (Kaun Banega Crorepati Season-14) has got its first crorepati. Kavita Chawla has won this amount. However she got stuck on the Rs 7.5 crore question and decided to drop the question. Kavita, who hails from Kolhapur, Maharashtra, is a housewife. He has studied till class 12th. Kavita was preparing to appear on the show for almost 21 years. Eventually his luck paid off. She is the first KBC contestant who was asked a question of Rs 7.5 crore. Earlier, questions up to Rs 7 crore have been asked. This question was about former Indian cricketer Gundappa Vishwanath. Kavita did not know the answer to the question and decided to leave KBC 14.

Before leaving after winning Rs 1 crore in the latest episode of KBC 14, Amitabh Bachchan asked Kavita a question of Rs 7.5 crore. The question was – Against which team did Gundappa Viswanath, the first Indian to score a double century in his first class debut, achieve this feat? The options were (A) Services, (B) Andhra, (C) Maharashtra, (D) Saurashtra. The correct answer to the question was (B) Andhra. Thankfully, Kavita left the question as she was expecting the answer to be services.

The answer to which Kavita earned Rs 1 crore was – Who was the first animal to go to the Moon in a spacecraft and return to Earth? Kavita was given four options, Rat, Rabbit, Tortoise and Chimpanzee. The correct answer to the question was tortoise. Kavita made 1 crore rupees in her name by giving the correct answer. She could not even win Rs 7.5 crore because cricket was not her subject.

In an interview to Times of India, she said that she wanted to come to KBC from the year 2000. He was heartbroken when he didn’t reach the hot seat on KBC 13 last year. Kavita told that she used to learn and study with her while teaching her son. In the last season of KBC, Kavita could not reach the hot seat from the fastest finger first round. This time he has won Rs 1 crore by performing well.