Ketaki Chitale: ‘I was beaten up, touched my breast, victim of molestation in police custody…’, Ketaki Chitale hurts after being released on bail

Ketki Chitale was beaten up in police custody

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During a conversation with News18, Ketaki Chitale told the whole ordeal of being in jail. The actress said that she was abused in the presence of policemen.

Ketki Chitale, the famous actress of Marathi films, has been in the headlines for the last several months. A few months ago, while commenting on NCP Chief Sharad Pawar, he wrote an objectionable post on him, which became very viral. In this connection, after this defamation post went viral, the actress Ketki Chitale A case was registered against (Ketaki Chitale) in many serious sections. He was released from jail on 22 June after his arrest on 15 May. After being released on bail, Ketki has once again come into the limelight. This time he has made many revelations in an interview about being in his police custody. So let’s know how the actress was treated in police custody?

News 18 During the conversation with him, he told the whole story of being in jail. The actress said that she was abused in custody in the presence of policemen. She told the media that I have come out on bail. That’s why I came out of jail smiling. The battle ahead is not over yet. The battle is still on.

Let us inform that in total, cases are registered against Ketki in 22 sections. Out of which he has got relief from only one stream. Ketki has raised big questions on police security after being released and said that I have been beaten up in jail while being with the police. During this, Ketki also talked about his post on Sharad Pawar. The actress said that her post on Pawar has been misinterpreted.

my post was misinterpreted

Ketki further said that I did not insult anyone through my post. The actress further raised the question and said that those who accused me by misinterpreting my post, do they think that Sharad Pawar is like this? If they are not like that then why FIR has been registered against me?

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Ketki became a victim of violence in police custody

During the conversation, actress Ketki further said that I have spent the entire 41 days in jail. Meanwhile, he has been treated very badly in police custody. The actress told that she was also molested in police custody. Ketki was illegally picked up from the house, after which he was illegally put in jail without arrest warrant and notice. Describing herself innocent, the actress said that I know that I have not done anything illegal. He was also molested in police custody. Accusing the NCP women, Ketki said that they beat me up. Toxic black ink was thrown at me, which was very harmful for the skin.