Ketki Dave returned to work only two days after her husband’s death, explained the reason

Rasik Dave, husband of TV actress Ketki Dave, passed away on July 28. After which now the actress has returned to her work again.

Ketki Dave returns to work

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Famous Actor Rasik Dave of Television World He died a few days ago due to kidney failure. Whose wife and actress Ketki Dave had broken a mountain of sorrow. 65-year-old Rasik was treated in the hospital for several days before his death, but in the end he said goodbye to everyone. Now, exactly 2 days after his death, an update has come out about his wife. Please tell that his wife Ketki has returned to work. So let’s know what was the reason for which Ketki had to return to work so soon?

Everyone is shocked by the return of actress Ketki, who was shocked by the death of her husband. But, the actress has given the reason behind it. Rasik’s wife, who said goodbye to the world on July 28, told in an interview that she does not want people to be a part of her misery. If reports are to be believed, Ketki believes that people should be a part of happiness, not sorrow. She wants people to join her in her happiness and not in her sadness.

How do you manage work despite such a huge personal loss?

Further, when Ketki was asked how does she manage such a huge personal loss like the death of her husband with work? To this, she replied that I get into my character immediately. I am Ketki Dave only till I go on stage. Perhaps this is the hallmark of an actor who, as soon as he goes on stage, molds himself into the given character.

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