Kidney failure… no money for dialysis, ‘Mere Sai’ fame Anaya Soni’s condition critical

Anaya Soni, the lead actress of the TV show ‘Mere Sai’, has deteriorated, after which she had to be admitted to the hospital. The news is that he does not have money for treatment.

Anaya Soni

Image Credit source: Instagram

popular television show Mere Sai fame actress Anaya Soni A disturbing news has come about. Actually, the health of the actress has deteriorated. After which he has been admitted to the hospital. It is being told that while shooting on the sets of ‘Mere Sai’, Anaya suddenly felt dizzy and fell unconscious. After which the actress was taken to the hospital right from the middle of the shooting. At present, his condition remains critical.

According to the news, the reason for Anaya’s health deteriorating is her kidney. Yes, according to doctors, the actress’s kidney has deteriorated, due to which she is currently on dialysis. Meanwhile, the problem is that the financial condition of his family is very fragile. Anaya Soni’s father has told that due to her financial condition not being good, she does not even have enough money to get Anaya treated. In such a situation, he is worried about where he will get the money for kidney replacement and dialysis.

Anaya Soni’s post

Recently, a post has been made on Anaya’s official Instagram, in which information about her health has been shared. Anaya Soni has written that ‘Doctors are saying that my kidney has failed and I will have to go on dialysis. My creatinine is down to 15.67 and hemoglobin is 6.7. The situation is very serious.

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Anaya Soni’s post

this too soon will pass

after this TV actress Anaya Soni Wrote that on Monday I am getting admitted to the Holy Spirit located in Andheri East. Pray for me My life hasn’t been easy. But I was trying to make it easy by living in today. But yes, the time was about to come, I knew. But, this too shall soon pass. I will have kidney transplant soon. I will apply for kidney after dialysis.