Kishor Das Passes Away: Assamese actor Kishore Das died at the age of just 30, the actor was a victim of this disease

Assamese actor Kishore Das passes away

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Assamese actor Kishore Das has passed away at the age of just 30.

Assam actor Kishore Das, a famous artist of the entertainment industry, has passed away. Everyone is in shock due to the death of the actor. The passing of Kishore Das at the age of just 30 is no less than a shock to his fans and close ones. On Saturday, July 2, he died in a hospital in Chennai. It is reported that the actor was going through cancer. He was also undergoing treatment for cancer for a long time. After which on Saturday he lost the battle of life and embraced death.

According to media reports, actor Kishore Das was undergoing treatment in Guwahati before Chennai. But due to lack of improvement in health, the actor was referred to Chennai. Kishore Das was referred to Chennai for advanced treatment in March 2022.

Talking about the information received from the reports, apart from cancer, Kishore Das was also a victim of corona virus. For this reason, the news is also that the reason behind his death is a dangerous disease like Kovid 19. Due to being Kovid 19 in the midst of cancer, his health kept deteriorating and he died.

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