Know how the weather is going to be

The UAE leg of IPL 2021 is starting from September 19. first match Mumbai Indians and Chennai Super Kings will be played in Dubai. The league is being restarted with this high voltage match, for which all the cricket fans are eagerly waiting. Weather plays a big role in any match. So let us tell you in this article how the weather of Dubai is going to be on Sunday.

How will the weather be?

Mumbai Indian and Chennai Super Kings The match to be played between the two will be played on the ground of Dubai. Talking about the weather, the weather of Dubai is going to be very clear on Sunday. There is no rain forecast. At the same time, the temperature will be 40 degrees, the wind will be 24 kilometers per hour and the humidity will be 42 percent. Now that it will not rain, then surely the cricket fans are going to see a high voltage match.

Players will have to face Humidity

When was the last time in UAE IPL was held, then even though the rain may not have affected the match much, there was one thing that bothered the players a lot. Actually, players in UAE have to face humidity. Therefore, players have to take special care of their fitness and keep body hydrated, because there is a problem of dehydration. The match between Mumbai Indians and Chennai Super Kings will start at 7.30 pm and the captain will come to the field for the toss at 7 pm.

Where are the teams at the moment?

IPL 2021

The first leg of IPL 2021 was played in India, but the league was postponed due to rain. There were 29 matches played and now 31 matches are going to be played in the UAE leg. Now talking about the points table, Chennai team won 5 matches and with 10 points it is second on the points table and Mumbai team won 4 matches, so they are on the fourth position in the points table with 8 points. Is. The UAE leg will see a close contest between the two teams.

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