Know what is the condition of the economy of neighboring country Pakistan, this year India will grow at the rate of 9.2 percent

Imran Khan said that this year Pakistan’s economy will grow at the rate of more than 4 percent. At the same time, the growth rate for India’s economy has been estimated at 9.2 percent.

Imran Khan said that the economic growth rate will be good despite all the challenges.

Pakistan economy growth rate: The condition of the global economy is bad due to Corona. The economy picked up pace after the second wave, but has again gone off track due to the Omicron variant. Meanwhile, Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan said on Friday that despite the Kovid-19 epidemic and other challenges, the economy is likely to grow at more than four percent this year.

According to a statement issued by the Prime Minister’s Office, Imran said in a meeting with his Economic Advisory Group that Pakistan’s economic growth rate will remain good despite all the challenges. In this meeting, the overall economic conditions of Pakistan were assessed. The steps and achievements taken by the Imran government in the last three years were also noted in this meeting. In this, the steps taken to control inflation were also analyzed.

Growth rate is expected to be 4 percent

According to the official statement, in this meeting, Imran said, “Despite facing the worst balance of payments crisis in the history of Pakistan in the year 2018 and then the Kovid-19 epidemic, the growth rate of Pakistan is estimated to remain above four percent. “

India’s economy expected to grow at 9.2 percent

Here, in the current financial year, the Indian economy can register a growth of 9.2 percent. This has been said in the first advance estimates released by the government. This estimate is lower than the Reserve Bank’s estimates. The Reserve Bank had issued an estimate of the economy to grow at 9.5 percent. Economists have already said that due to the Omicron variant, there will be some slowdown in economic growth. Similar indications are also coming from the first advance estimates of the government.

Out of 22 indicators, 20 indicators have gained

According to the data released by the Ministry of Statistics, out of 22 important indicators related to the economy, 20 indicators have seen an increase, the declining indicator includes crude oil production and sales of passenger vehicles. On the other hand, Gross Value Added (GVA) is expected to grow by 8.6 per cent, as against a decline of 6.2 per cent in the previous financial year.

GVA estimated at Rs 135.22 lakh crore

According to the estimates, the real GVA at base price is estimated to be Rs 135.22 lakh crore in 2021-22 as against Rs 124.53 lakh crore in the last financial year 2020-21 i.e. an increase of 8.6 per cent. With the release of the figures, the ministry wrote that these are preliminary estimates and changes are possible in the coming time. The ministry said that the actual tax collection or if any new relief measures are taken to deal with the epidemic in the remaining months of the financial year, then they can be seen on the estimates. The government will release the second advance estimates for the financial year and third quarter on February 28.

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