Koffee With Karan 7: How did Alia Bhatt adjust herself after joining the Kapoor family? The actress revealed in front of Karan

Alia Bhatt after joining Kapoor family

Koffee With Karan will see the host of the show Koffee with Alia Bhatt and Ranveer Singh playing the all-time favorite Rapid Fire along with new Tattletail games including Bingo, Mashed Up.

Disney Hotstar’s Celebrity Quiz Reality Show “Koffee With Karan Season 7” (Koffee With Karan 7In the first episode of ) the pair of two best friends of Bollywood i.e. Ranveer Singh (Ranveer Singh) and Alia Bhatt are going to be seen together. Karan Johar’s show shifted from TV to OTT, now it has become more bold and cool. After Marriage Alia Bhatt ,Alia Bhatt) is about to appear in a show for the first time. Therefore, this show will be very special for his fans. This is the reason why Alia is also going to tell some interesting things about her and the Kapoor family in front of her favorite host.

Watch the promo of Koffee With Karan here

Both Ranveer Singh and Alia Bhatt will be seen sitting on the couch in front of Karan Johar, talking heartily. Everyone has got a glimpse of this from the teaser going viral on social media. Along with Karan on this show, Alia-Ranveer will talk very openly about their superstar partners, their relationship, their post marriage life. It is being said that this conversation between the three will be quite “unfiltered”. During this, Alia is also going to be seen talking about her experience of being fit in the Kapoor family.

This change came in Alia’s life

In such a situation, while talking about her journey of shifting from a nuclear family to the Kapoor family of Bollywood and adopting their things, Alia Bhatt said, I come from a small family. In my family there were only my parents and my sister. In this family of 4 people, everyone was living their life. We were also very close to each other, but we were not a big family. We did not do large scale celebrations or get-togethers. Everyone was busy in their own work. But after joining the Kapoor family, things changed completely.” of the audience Entertainment This episode will be streamed on OTT soon.

Alia Bhatt’s life has changed in this way after marriage

Alia says that everyone here does everything together. You eat together, do aarti together, everything happens together. It’s a pretty sweet thing. I have come to Culture because of the Kapoor family. I have had really beautiful moments with family. After marriage a new chapter has started in my life.