Kohli-Bairstow’s ‘Yari’ changed faster than Birmingham’s weather, tremendous tension after laughter- Video

On the third day, Kohli and Bairstow were seen arguing vigorously, while on the second day they were returning to the pavilion together.

Image Credit source: Twitter and AFP

Team India’s fast bowlers troubled the England batsmen, including Jonny Bairstow, on the second day and the beginning of the third day and in such a situation, Kohli tried to put more pressure on them.

The exciting match between India and England (India vs England) continues in the Edgbaston Test. A great game is being shown by both the teams. The Indian team has dominated this match so far. In this match, there was not much contribution from the former captain of the Indian team, Virat Kohli. He could not score runs and also dropped a catch. Nevertheless, Kohli appeared in his old colors during fielding. The same style in which he encourages his bowlers fiercely and when needed, clashes with the opposing batsmen. Something similar happened early in the morning on the third day of the Test and his target was Jonny Bairstow, with whom he had been joking and joking barely 24 hours ago.

There was a lot of laughter happening the other day

Rain interfered several times during England’s batting on the second day of the Edgbaston Test, causing the game to be interrupted. The Indian team had made a good start during this, soon after dropping three wickets of England and Jonny Bairstow was with Joe Root at the crease. The Indian fast bowlers were wreaking havoc and putting Bairstow Root in trouble. Meanwhile, it rained again and the players started going back. Kohli, who usually left the field with words at the opponents, was seen laughing and joking with Bairstow as he returned. Both were seen laying their hands on each other’s shoulders like best friends.

Aggressive style seen in few hours

But just as the weather changes rapidly in England and in a few minutes the shining sun is covered by dark clouds, in the same way this momentary friendship of Kohli and Bairstow also changed as if both were arch enemies. In the first half hour of the third day, Mohammed Shami again troubled Bairstow and Bairstow was badly beaten on one such ball. During this, something happened that Kohli and Bairstow clashed. Kohli posted at first slip, in his familiar style, asked Bairstow to focus on batting through aggressive gestures.

then things became normal

In such a situation, the umpires had to come to the rescue. Bairstow looked a bit upset by this and he tried to play a big shot on the very next ball but then missed. Seeing this, Kohli started laughing as he had managed to trouble Bairstow. However, after the completion of the over, everything went back to normal. Stokes and Kohli were seen laughing amongst themselves and Kohli also lightly punched Bairstow on the shoulder in the style of friendship.