Krishna on sanitary pad: Ruckus on poster of innocent question, director said – view is wrong

The film ‘Masool Question’, which is releasing on August 5, is under question. Objections are being raised about the poster of the film. The poster has a sanitary pad and Lord Krishna is also on it. People have objections about this.

Masoom question movie poster

The film ‘Innocent Question’ is releasing on August 5, but before that, she has been embroiled in controversies regarding her poster. Actually, the poster which has a sanitary pad on it and Lord Krishna is shown on it. Due to this the film has come under the scanner. Although this dispute Film Director Santosh Upadhyay and actress Ekavali Khanna have reacted.

Want to change the narrative with the film: Ekavali Khanna

According to news agency IANS, Ekavali said that at first he is not aware that there is a controversy regarding the poster of the film. But in this case I can say that the makers have no intention to hurt anyone’s sentiments. The whole purpose of this is that the taboo which is there should be broken and the narrative should be changed. There is no place for superstition in today’s generation. The wrong practices that have been forcibly imposed on women should be stopped.

At the same time, the director said that many times our view of looking at things is wrong, which is misunderstood. The whole story is on menstruation, so it is necessary to show the pad in the poster. The poster has a pad and Krishna ji is not on the pad. Because of this, we are getting less support in the promotion of the film.

Why do girls become impure when they have their period?

The trailer of the film was released on 18 July. It is shown that a little girl keeps Krishna with her since childhood and considers him as her brother. Takes it everywhere. But when she is a little older, when her period starts coming, then Krishna is taken away from her. She is told that for 4-5 days till she has her period, she will stay away from Krishna ji because she is impure. Due to this the girl gets upset and against this she reaches the court. The case goes on in the court on this issue. How are they impure during their period? His one innocent question creates a ruckus in the society. Some are in his support and some are against him. The story of the film is based on this.

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