KRK claims – there are only 4 superstars in Bollywood, they will rule for the next 15 years

KRK had told Sara Khan that he loves her, after which Sara’s PR told KRK to behave like a man.


KRK means Kamal Rashid Khan (KRK). KRK always talks about something that becomes the headlines of the media. Recently, he had indirectly threatened Salman Khan that he would ruin his career. Apart from this, he told Sara Khan that he loves her, after which Sara’s PR asked KR to behave like a man. However, this is not the first time that KRK has said something that has become a media headlines. Many times he has openly said such things through his Twitter account. Yes, it is another matter that if someone reacts to his tweets, then no one does. Once again he has said something about the heroes of the industry, after knowing that you will also be completely shocked.

These 4 superstars will rule for 15 years

Actually, KRK has claimed in his recent tweet that, ‘There are only 4 superstars in Bollywood who will rule for the next 15 years’. Among them are Hrithik Roshan, Ranbir Kapoor, Tiger Shroff and Kartik Aaryan. However, how much truth is there in his words, only KR know this, but we definitely know that films today do not run on the basis of acting alone. You should have many things for that. Good looks, good personality, good dialogue delivery, the stamina to do any kind of role and the ability to live a lively character on screen, and a hero’s attitude, then he can walk in films in the right sense. Yes, about whom KRK has said, they are good actors somewhere, no doubt about it. Everyone has done more than one film and entertained the audience a lot. Today his films are run in his name.

These four stars are wonderful

But the extent to which KRK has said about the coming 15 years can be true, probably no one will have any idea of ​​this. This is like a prediction but not the complete truth. These are the things said on the basis of the acting done in his films and nothing else. Even if it is so, then all the other stars have proved to be laggy, while it is not so at all. Each actor has a different specialty and because of that, he has made his mark in the industry and he is still seen gracefully on the big screen. Yes, it is another matter that everything changes with time, so it will also change, but it is difficult to say when and how.

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