Lahore Qalandars win strings in PSL Final connected 33 days ago, 4 incidents happened on the last 6 balls, VIDEO | PSL Final Last Over Romanch, Lahore Qalandars win connection 33 days ago played first match between LQ vs MS, VIDEO

In PSL Final, 4 such incidents happened, whose strings were connected 33 days ago. Then something happened which was seen for the first time. Because, no team had ever done this before.

Lahore Qalandars overturned on the last ball

Image Credit source: PSL

New Delhi: One ball is enough to turn the match in cricket. You must have heard this. If you have seen the final of the 8th season of PSL, then you must have got to see it there too. This final match remained exciting till the last ball. In this, the game turned on the last ball. 4 such incidents also happened, whose strings were connected 33 days ago. Then something happened which was seen for the first time. Because, no team had ever done this before.

Now you must be thinking that what is the meaning of connecting the strings 33 days before the victory of Lahore Qalandars? So before explaining this meaning, just know the thrill of the last over, which lasted till the last ball. Multan Sultans had to score 13 runs in the last over against Lahore Qalandars. In this attempt, he came very close to victory. But on the last ball, Lahore Qalandars overturned the match with the quickness shown on the field and won the match by 1 run.

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PSL Final’s last over and excitement

What happened on the last 6 balls of PSL Final, now just know that. Multan Sultans batsmen Abbas Afridi and Khushdil Shah put their full force to score the 13 runs needed for the win. Bowler Zaman Khan took command of the last over from Lahore. Abbas Afridi took 2 runs on his first ball. Then a single off the leg bye on the second ball. Dot fell on the third ball while 2 runs came on the fourth ball by leg bye. In this way only 5 runs were scored on the first 4 balls.

Now if Multan Sultans had to win from here, then they needed to hit two big hits. Because he needed 8 runs in the last 2 balls. When Abbas Afridi hit a four on the 5th ball, the excitement in the match increased further.

Now 4 runs were to be scored on the last. Means work could be done only from the boundary. Abbas Afridi, standing on strike, tried to hit Zaman Khan’s last ball for a four, but did not succeed, then wanted to tie the match by running 3 runs. But, after taking 2 runs, he was running to take the third run that Khushdil Shah was run out. And Lahore Qalandars won the match by 1 run.

Match played 33 days ago and PSL Final have 4 things in common

Lahore Qalandars have now become the first team in PSL history to defend their title. The amazing thing is that 33 days before the PSL final i.e. on February 13, when these two teams faced each other in the opener of the tournament, the game ended in the same way as it was seen in the PSL final. . In that match also Lahore Qalandars won the match. The margin of victory was only 1 run like the PSL final. There was also a run out in the last over. Both Zaman and Khushdil were involved there on the last ball as well.