Lawn Bowls: Sports teacher-police constable brought gold to India, this story is filmy

The Indian Lawn Ball team consisting of two police constables, a sports teacher and a sports officer did what no Indian had done before in the history of the sport.

Nayanmoni, Pinky, Lovely and Roopa Tirkey (from left) with their coach (centre).

Image Credit source: PTI

No one becomes a star overnight, it takes many years of hard work. Often this proverb is heard with any success. There is no doubt about it. Behind almost every success, one has to go through a phase like hard work, many times failure and sometimes existential crisis. The hard work of any of them is visible, but some do this work without any discussion and when they get success, they become stars overnight. this thing for now lawn balls Applies to India’s successful quartet.

Before Monday 1st August, Lovely Choubey, Roopa Rani Tirkey, Nayanmoni Saikia and Pinky were probably recognized across the country only by their close friends. Then what he did in Birmingham, several thousand miles away from India, within about an hour and a half, not only put him on the front pages of newspapers across the country, but also made him the center of discussion from social media to news. He has not only given himself an identity, but has also given an identity to the game, which many people still do not consider to be a game.

Indian quartet created history in Birmingham

Now on Tuesday 2nd August, all four of them created history by winning the Women’s Four event of lawn ball at the Birmingham Commonwealth Games 2022. The Indian team comprising two police constables, a sports teacher and a sports district officer reached the finals for the first time, defeating South Africa 17-12 and winning the historic gold for the country. This is the first time in the history of this sport that India has won a medal. Far from medals, like these four players, this game itself did not have any big identity in India, but now these four have become Indian superstars of this game and no one will miss to recognize it.

long jump dream

As said in the beginning, that no success comes without struggle. The story of these four is no different. Lawn balls was never the first choice for the four members of the team, but they reached this point after going through different games. Lovely of Jharkhand was determined to make long jump her career, but the injury caused by hard training broke this desire.

In Jharkhand Police, Constable Lovely got support from a cricket umpire, who had seen Steve Waugh play lawn ball for the first time on a tour of Australia a few years ago and then made coaching his career in this game. Madhukant Pathak called Lovely for this game and gradually it attracted Lovely.

First game missed, lawn balls became Sahara

Roopa Rani was also not a part of this game from the beginning, but she used to play Kabaddi. Then she slowly turned to the lawn ball and then became the life of the Indian lawn ball team. At present, Roopa Rani is the District Sports Officer in Ramgarh, Jharkhand. 33-year-old Nayanmoni Saikia is also a constable in the Assam Police. He also started with the second game. She once wanted to try her luck in weightlifting, but did not get much success there, after which lawn balls opened a new path. While Pinky is a sports teacher in a school in RKpuram, Delhi, but before that she had tried to make a career in cricket as well.

In the Commonwealth Games even before this, India could not cross the semi-final hurdle in lawn balls and it rarely got attention due to not being a popular sport. This success of Lovely, Pinky, Roopa and Nayanmoni Saikia can play a big role in changing this picture.