Leapmotor C01 electric car with a range of 717 km introduced, will reach 100 kmph in 3 seconds

Leapmotor is a Chinese electric mobility company that recently took the wraps off its new C01 electric performance car. This electric car is considered to be a formidable competitor to Tesla’s electric car, because this electric car comes equipped with advanced level features along with strong power. The company claims that the Leapmotor C01 can accelerate to 100 kmph in just three seconds. The Leapmotor C01 electric vehicle is touted to be a formidable competitor to the Tesla Model S Plaid.

Chinese media company Pandaily accordingThe Leapmotor C01 electric car will be available in China with a starting price of 1,80,000 Yuan (approximately Rs. 20.6 lakh) in five trims and its top model will be sold for 2,70,000 Yuan (approximately Rs. 30.9 lakh). At present, no information has been given regarding its availability in the market outside China.

C01’s powertrain Talking about, the electric motor present in it generates a maximum power of 542 hp and the capacity of the battery pack present in it is 90 kWh, due to which this electric car can accelerate from 0-100 kmph in just 3 seconds and in a single charge. It can give a range of about 717 km. However, the range of the base variant is said to be around 500 kms. At present, information has not been given about how much capacity battery pack has been given in the base variant.

Inside this EV are three large screens, one of which acts as the instrument cluster, one is the infotainment system and one acts as the infotainment display for the co-passenger. Apart from this, the EV has 28 sensors all around and more than 23 autonomous driving features.

The car will be launched in the second quarter of this year. Leapmotor says that the pre-bookings of this car will be started soon. This is not the first electric car in the company’s portfolio. The company has already been selling C11 and T03 electric cars.<!–