Left wrestling to become a don, then tried to blow up the police station, the story of the end is painful. wrestler crime Ion William left wrestling to join underworld

Eoin Williams ruined his well-deserved career to join the underworld. In no time, William had firmly established his feet in the world of crime.

Eoin Williams was associated with many gangs

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New Delhi. The dream of any player is to take his career to the peak and when the career is back on track, the player tries to increase his speed, but Eoin Williams is one of the few players in the world who has put his feet on his own. Only killed the axe. He himself ruined his good career and that too in his desire to become a don. canadian professionals Wrestler William participated in many big tournaments including American Wrestling Association Championship, Border City Wrestling Heavyweight Championship, International Championship.

Born on 7 December 1963, William’s career was going great, but perhaps he had to go somewhere else. This wrestler stepped out of the ring and stepped into the world of the underworld and with this the career graph of this player also started falling rapidly. He also joined a gang.

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gang leader

After losing 36 matches, William got the biggest victory of his career by defeating 2-time WWE Champion Randy Savage. He became an overnight star after this victory, but William did not like this fame. He was already involved in many criminal activities in his life. Before going to the underworld, he started doing things like extortion, drugs, fighting. In no time he became the leader of a gang. Living in the gang, this wrestler even tried to blow up a police station in Ontario city and then after that he had to stay in jail for about 33 months in 1998.

Associated with the United Nations gang

By 2008, William was further immersed in the world of the underworld and after befriending gangster Clay, he joined the United Nations gang of Vancouver. Clay is currently serving a 30-year prison sentence for drug trafficking and money laundering. Several cases of murder were registered against William after this. Although in August 2016, the Parole Board of Canada released him along with Chetanvi, but after 6 months the former wwe Starr’s life of crime is almost over. According to the doctors, at the age of 53, there was some problem related to lungs and on 21 February 2017, William said goodbye to the world. With this a wrestler also came to an end.

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