Lenovo introduced electric lift table, all the things will be lifted automatically

Technology company Lenovo Legion has launched a new electric lift table T7 in China. This lift table is powered by 1600N (Newton) motors and provides lift speeds of up to 55mm/s. Let us know about this electric table, how it works and how technology can make people’s life easier.

Lenovo Legion Electric Lift Table T7 is a table with a rectangular top. The table top comes with a matte finish and has rounded corners. The structure of the legs of this table is triangular. These are made by a cold-welding process which makes them stronger than normal T-size legs.

According to the company, two 1600N motors from Jicang have been installed in the table lift. Its lift speed can go up to 55mm/s. At the same time, it provides noise as low as 48db (decibel). The rated load during lift is up to 125 kg. Talking about the features, the Electric Lift Table T7 looks very fast, quiet and sturdy. The lifting capacity of the table ranges from 68 to 128 cm, making it suitable for users with a height of 130 to 190 cm.

Apart from the lifting function of the table, the T7 lift table comes with magnetic cable organizer, storage compartment, harness and other storage features. Apart from this, it can be equipped with accessories like prefortified board. Electric lift table T7 can be used as computer desk. The cables are easy to manage and hassle free thanks to its magnetic block cable management system. The T7 table works on an integrated table frame system that can hold up to 250 kg in the non-lifted state.

Lenovo Legion Electric Lift Table T7 price and availability

Talking about the price, the price of Lenovo Legion Electric Lift Table T7 is 2699 Yuan i.e. Rs 31,019 according to Indian currency. In terms of availability, the Lenovo Legion Electric Lift Table T7 is available for sale. It can be purchased through the official website of the company.<!–


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