LG stopped the release of 97-inch ultra-large 8K OLED TV, know the reason

LG has decided to stop production of its 8K 97 inch large TV. This information has been received from the recent reports. Display technology is constantly improving and expanding, due to which the cost of panels is also decreasing. Due to which big screen and high resolution TVs are reaching the people. Samsung especially has released much better models recently. However, not all companies are getting that much benefit. Here we are telling you about them in detail.

gizmochina According to reports, LG has decided to stop manufacturing OLED 8K 97-inch Ultra Large TVs. The company’s largest OLED TV, the 97-inch model, will retain its 4K resolution from last year. Apart from this, no separate plan has been made to release the 8K model. Samsung introduced 98 inch Neo QLED 8K TV as the flagship model this year in competition. It seems that LG is adopting a wait and see vision in terms of ultra-large TV resolution, that is, it is seeing how users respond to it.

According to new reports, LG Electronics has decided not to introduce the 97-inch OLED 8K TV internally. In this case, an official of LG Electronics told the big tech event held earlier this month. CES 2023 I said that at present there is no plan to make or release the product.

The official added that “there are currently no plans to launch a 97-inch OLED TV 8K product.” Further added that “we will see how customers are using the current 97 inch OLED TV 4K product and will try to improve the features.” In addition, “instead of unnecessary resolution competition, we will focus on improving other features such as wireless technology.”

in the ultra-large TV resolution market LG Electronics Wet & See will adopt the vision to design and release the 8K OLED 97-inch TV. Market trends and user preferences will be observed. The move also shows LG’s focus on improving overall user experience rather than just resolution.


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