LG’s 325-inch TV will make your home a cinema hall, know features and everything

LG Electronic has launched a new LED TV and its biggest highlight is its screen size. The new TV comes with a massive 325-inch display size. The LG DVLED (Direct View LED) TV is designed to deliver the home cinema experience. Due to this, you will not need to go to the cinema hall outside. The new LG TVs have been given many advanced features, which work to enhance the experience of both picture and sound. The new TV will compete with Samsung’s The Wall TV.

company new Home Cinema TV Series The “supercar of home theater display”. The LG Home Cinema range aims at providing top class cinema experience to the customers. The new range is available in 2K, 4K and 8K configurations with screen sizes starting at 81-inches and going up to 325-inches. The company used to launch TVs of this screen size earlier only for commercial clients.

The side-by-side 32:9 ratio can be achieved with the help of LG’s Dual2K and Dual4K UltraStretch technology in this TV range. Due to this ratio and large screen size, it offers 160-degree horizontal and vertical viewing angles.

All displays in the range come equipped with connected high-resolution video sources, built-in media players or attached streaming devices. In these, quad-core webOS interface is available for smooth content playback. The remote is also designed for specific content streamers, as it has several shortcuts that will give users direct access to features and services.

LG’s home cinema TV range can be purchased on custom order, so the company has not yet shared their price. However, there is no doubt that you may have to spend crores of rupees to buy a huge 325-inch display. If you still want to guess, then let us tell you that the company will deliver such a huge TV in a special ATA-certified case. In addition, the customer will also get a WebOS Smart TV device as well as a premium support and warranty package that includes a 5-year Extended Care Warranty, 3-year TotalCare Health Check and 3-year ConnectedCare subscription. Excluding the TV, the cost of these services alone will be $30,000 (approximately Rs 22 lakh).<!–


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