LIC IPO: 1 crore retail investors can participate in this mega IPO, they are expected to raise 25 thousand crores

LIC IPO: Life Insurance Corporation estimates that the average ticket size of retail investors can be between 30-40 thousand.

1 crore retail investors can participate in this.

Life Insurance Corporation ,Life Insurance CorporationThe preparations for the IPO are in full swing. This mega ipo ,LIC IPOThere is tremendous enthusiasm among investors about this. LIC estimates that 14 percent of the country’s population investing in this mega IPO will definitely be involved. Among these aLIC policy holders ,LIC Policy Holders) and its employees are also included. According to Life Insurance Corporation, LIC can collect funds of 25 thousand crores from these investors. The average investment for all the individual investors involved in the IPO can be between 30-40 thousand. LIC estimates that 75 lakh to 1 crore retail investors can participate in this IPO. This will be the highest participation of non-institutional investors for any IPO in the history of Indian Capital Markets.

The report published in the Economic Times quoted reliable sources as saying that Life Insurer estimates that the average ticket size of retail investors could be between 30-40 thousand. The government estimates that there are currently 73.8 million or 7.38 crore demat account holders in India. LIC has given reservation in this IPO for its policy holders. In such a situation, policy holders are opening a large number of demat accounts. Due to this, the total number of demat account holders in the country is expected to reach 8 crores.

Emphasis on increasing participation of retail investors

According to the report, investment bankers and local brokers are constantly trying to increase the participation of retail investors in this IPO. As of 31 March 2021, LIC had more than 13 lakh 50 thousand individual agents across the country. 1 lakh 14 thousand employees work in LIC. All these people are working to strengthen the participation of retail investors. Suvajit Ray, Executive Vice President, IIFL Securities said that there is tremendous enthusiasm for the IPO among the people living in remote areas.

This IPO may open on March 11

Here Reuters quoted reliable sources as saying that this IPO will be worth $ 8 billion i.e. 60 thousand crores (according to $ 75 rupees). This IPO can be launched on March 11. It will open for anchor investors on March 11, while for other investors it will open after two days. In the first week of March, it will get all the approvals related to the regulator. After getting the approvals, the price band for the IPO will be decided.

Possible delay in LIC IPO

In any case, the government is trying to bring the IPO of Life Insurance Corporation (LIC) in the current financial year. According to the source, it is possible to change its schedule. By the way, every effort is being made to bring it on the target time in advance. LIC has submitted DRHP to SEBI. According to the IPO prospect, the government will sell its 5 percent stake in Life Insurance Corporation.

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