Life spent in one room, father made career by taking loan, now did wonders by lifting weight

Harjinder’s first choice was not weightlifting. He loved kabaddi but the coach put him in the sport of weight lifting.

Harjinder Kaur has won bronze medal in Commonwealth Games-2022. (PTI Photo)

Indian weightlifters have done well so far in the Commonwealth Games. India also got its first medal in weightlifting. Indian weightlifters are doing amazing every day. On Monday, although it seemed that India’s bag in weightlifting would be empty but Harjinder Kaur did not allow this to happen. She won the bronze medal in the women’s 71 kg weight category at the end of the day. Harjinder did this work on the strength of his strength and he got this power by running a chaff cutting machine. There is a wheel in this machine which is driven and the grass is cut.

The work that Harjinder did on the fields for so many years, at this time he is getting the fruits of it. Harjinder lifted a total of 212 kg. She, however, fell behind Sarah Davis and Canada’s Alexi Ashworth.

life in a room

Harjinder’s family lives in a one-room house. He has six buffaloes and the family works on another’s land. Hailing from Mehas village in Nabha, however, Harjinder was not in love with weightlifting. His first choice was Kabaddi. But by choosing weightlifting, he not only pushed himself but also his family. Before the Commonwealth Games, Harjinder told the English newspaper Indian Express, “If I win a medal, I would say that the mower I used to help me strengthen my arms and when I got into weightlifting it helped.” Found it.”

coach worked hard

His coach also played an important role in bringing Harjinder to this point. When Harjinder joined the college in Anandpur Sahib, coach Surinder Singh took him to the college’s kabaddi team but coach Paramjit Sharma saw him. Seeing her strong hands, the coach felt that she would do a great job in weightlifting.

Sharma said, “When we put him in the Tug of War team, I was surprised to see the strength he had as a teenager. He did some national tours. It took me some time to convince him to get into weightlifting. There was a time when she used to go home and did not take much interest in weightlifting. But she always came back. Today I can say that bringing him into weightlifting was the right decision.

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Father-brother moved ahead by taking loan

Harjinder His father and brother supported him continuously. He used to take loans from his friends and relatives for them. The biggest amount he took was Rs 50,000. He had taken this from the bank of the village. Harjinder and his elder brother Pratipal Singh paid it together. He participated in the State Weightlifting Championship and paid off the loan with the cash prizes received there. At the same time, his elder brother was made Clark on a probation basis. His salary was 10,000 which helped the family.