Lightning shines like Earth on Jupiter clouds of water are hidden says Juno Spacecraft Data

Thanks to the Juno spacecraft of the American space agency NASA, scientists have got an important information about the planet Jupiter. They discovered that hidden beneath the brownish ammonia clouds that envelop Jupiter are clouds made of water, just like Earth. Like the earth, lightning often occurs in these clouds. Till now scientists could not understand that despite the difference between the two planets, how the process of lightning is the same in them.

Juno Spacecraft has been orbiting the planet Jupiter for the past several years. It is the largest and a gaseous planet in our solar system. It is so big that all the planets can fit in it. About 1300 earths can come in it. Scientists obtained interesting information after analyzing the data of the last 5 years of Juno spacecraft.

news agency reuters Report According to scientists, scientists have found that the process of lightning in Jupiter is the same as it is on Earth. Planetary scientist of the Czech Academy of Sciences, Ivana Kolmasova, said that lightning is a kind of electrical discharge, which is caused by thunder. He said that this happens due to the collision of ice and water particles present in the clouds. Lightning was first detected on Jupiter in the year 1979.
NASA’s Voyager 1 spacecraft gathered information about this. The special thing is that lightning has also been detected in many other gas planets of the solar system – Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. Some evidence has also been found regarding the planet Venus, but they have not been confirmed. At the same time, the rate of lightning on Jupiter and Earth is the same, but the distribution is different. The scientists’ findings are published this week in the prestigious journal Nature Communications.

The planet Jupiter is mainly composed of hydrogen and helium. Storms keep coming on this planet with a diameter of about 1 lakh 43 thousand kilometers. The Juno spacecraft has been orbiting Jupiter since 2016 and gathering information about its atmosphere, internal structure, magnetic field, etc.



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