Live-in-partner Shagnik and a woman accused of murder in the death of Bengali actress Pallabi Dey, complaint filed in police station

IMAGE: Bengali actress Pallabi with her live-in-partner Shagnik.

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After the body of popular Bengali television serial actress Pallabi Dey was found hanging from a noose on Sunday, her parents on Monday filed a murder complaint against her live-in-partner Shagnik at the Garfa police station in Kolkata.

Popular actress of bangla television serials (Bengali Actress ) In the case of Pallabi Dey’s death, a woman including live-in-partner Shagrik has now been accused of murder. In this regard, on behalf of Pallabi’s family, on Monday afternoon, Kolkata’s Garfa police station (Kolkata Garpha Police StationA written complaint has been lodged in Let us inform that on Sunday, she was found dead under mysterious circumstances in her rented accommodation in South Kolkata, where she met her friend Shagnik Chakraborty (Shagnik Chakraborty Murder charge) lived with. Although the preliminary report of Pallabi’s post-mortem has come to the fore of suicide, but Pallabi’s parents have lodged a complaint with the police station and expressed apprehension of murder. Let us inform that after the death of the actress, allegations started being made against the live-in partner Shagnik. The family members of the actress have made this allegation.

Shagnik Chakraborty first saw Pallabi hanging from the fan and informed the police. He had told the police that on Sunday morning he had gone out to buy cigarettes. After coming back, he saw the hanging dead body of Pallabi.

Actress Pallabi’s parents lodged complaint in the police station

On the other hand, the police, after seeing the post-mortem report of Pallabi, called it a suicide. On Monday afternoon, the family members lodged a complaint at the Garfa police station. It also mentions the name of a woman Andrilla, including the actress’s live-in partner Shagrik. According to him, looking at some surrounding circumstances, he feels that Pallabi has been murdered. In this regard, detailed details have been given in the three-page complaint letter in the police station. It is alleged that Shagrik had a special relationship with a woman Andrilla. He said that although the autopsy report mentions suicide, he felt that he had been murdered.

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Shagnik accused of physically torturing Pallabi

According to sources, when they first saw Pallabi’s body, there were two injury marks on it and seeing this, the family members inferred that Pallavi’s death was not suicide. In the complaint letter, Shagrik has been described as an alcoholic. He has complained that Shagrik physically harassed Pallabi under the influence of alcohol. According to him, Pallabi had blue spots on her face and neck. Indreela and many other friends used to come to that flat in the absence of Pallabi. Apart from this, Pallabi’s parents also said that they will investigate whether she was murdered for money or not? It is to be known that Shagnik had bought a flat worth Rs 60 lakh in Newtown. He had also bought expensive cars. Both have fixed deposits of Rs 15 lakh.