Lock Upp: From Ekta Kapoor to Kangana Ranaut, Payal became everyone’s favorite, the lioness of ‘Lock Up’ will always be called the real winner

Payal Rohatgi

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Payal Rohtagi’s astonishing and reckless revelations also kept him apart. In the beginning, the tantric worship done for career or the pain of never being a mother.

The real winner is said to be the one who wins the hearts of people with his truth and loyalty. Yes, ‘Lock Up’ show ,Lock Up Show, Payal Rohatgi is the real player (Payal Rohtagi)Deserves the real victory, it is the lioness, who despite being injured, played her game with full vigor till the end, who, from the very first day, on her own truth and alone, has endured every oppression of this tyrannical prison, a strong Became a player. Who carelessly supported the truth and kept fighting against the wrong. Against which all the prisoners of the jail were on one side. Who continued to rule in the harsh jail of ‘Lock Up’. From the contestants of the show to Kangana Ranaut (Kangana Ranaut) And Ekta Kapoor also praised him.

everyone’s favorite player

Seeing Payal’s excellent game, Kangana Ranaut also fell in love with her. Even when Ekta Kapoor came on the show, she openly said in front of everyone that Payal is her favorite badass prisoner. Even jail jailer Karan Kundrra encouraged Payal by saying that “the girl is there but what does she fight, the wounded lioness Payal Rohatgi”. Even when Payal fell alone, the public gave her a lot of love and on the basis of this Payal reached the finale and came out as the real fighter of the show.

Somebody said false then someone said closing the gutter of the mouth

Payal got to hear different taunts of the prisoners in ‘Lock Up’. If someone called her a liar, someone said to close the gutter, then someone reached Payal’s character. Somebody told Payal that she doesn’t know how to cook, someone said that she slanders everyone. Everyone wanted to spoil Payal’s game by doing factionalism. Even all the prisoners were afraid of Payal’s strong game that it would lead to the finale trophy. Sayesha Shinde had even told Payal a negative lady that such people should not go to the finale. But Payal’s hard work and her truth about the game was so sure that people will remember her even after the show is over.

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Payal made surprising revelations in the show

Payal Rohatgi’s astonishing and reckless revelations also kept her apart. In the beginning, the tantric worship done for career or the pain of never being a mother. Whether it is to silence Kangana Ranaut or to fight for the prisoner with her in the same episode of the show, Payal fought as a lioness in every arena and played such a game that all the chapters of ‘Lock Up’ will be mentioned, this player Hasina The name of the show will definitely come, which will really be called the real winner of the show on its own.