Lock Upp: Payal Rohatgi crossed all limits by spitting on fellow contestants, Lal Shivam Sharma in anger did her bad condition in this way

Payal Rohatgi crossed all limits

The game of ‘Lock Up’ has now reached an interesting point. This week will be the last week of this show. At present, the name of Munawar Faruqui is coming forward as the winner.

Alt Balaji (Alt BalajiThe ‘Finale Week’ of the reality show ‘Lock Up’ has started now. At the beginning of this week, the audience Payal Rohatgi ,Payal Rohatgi) and Shivam Sharma is going to see a big fight. Actually both of them were good friends of each other but since last week Payal and Shivam (Shivam SharmaThere has been a rift in their friendship. In today’s episode, we are going to see these two fighting like a ‘dog cat’. Looking at the promo of ‘Lock Up’ posted by ALTBalaji on social media, it can be guessed that the fight started with Payal Rohatgi spitting.

In the video, we can hear Shivam saying, “You spit on me, it spit on me, your career is over in this ‘lock up’.” After hearing these words of Shivam, Payal is seen answering him that “somebody please take this person away from me.” But Shivam does not take the name of stopping, he answers Payal in reverse that “Why should I go away from you, this is my ‘lock up’ too. Look how I will make life difficult for you now, Rohatgi. Now you see.”

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Shivam harassed Payal

During this, we can see Shivam going near Payal’s ear, playing utensils, making various sounds, tying lemon mirchi on her bed and disturbing her. Seeing all this, Payal tries to shout at Shivam, but he does not listen to him at all. Payal shouts at them and says that “You stop touching my things, along with this she also abuses them but no one listens to them.”

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Tried it against Payal

When Shivam asks Payal, “How much respect did I give you and what did you do, did you spit on me on National TV?” Payal Rohatgi tells him about this thing that “You deserve to spit Shivam Sharma, you are also very low.” Payal has become completely alone in this whole matter because Aajah Falah, who always supports her on everything, is also supporting Shivam Sharma this time, in this video also we can see, Aajaj is taking Shivam’s side and saying to Payal. It has been said that “Shivam has fallen less than you.”