Lock Upp: Transwoman fashion designer Sayesha Shinde kisses on Mandana Karimi’s lips in front of Kangana Ranaut, read full story

Mandana Sayesha Kiss

After ‘Kiss Task’ in ‘Lock Up’, some surprising results were seen. During this, many contestants liked to kiss Mandana regarding Zeeshan, Vineet, Saisha, Shivam.

Alt Balaji (Alt Balaji) of the reality show ‘lock-up,Lock Up) in Mandana Karimi (Mandana KarimiTrying everything possible that Kangana Ranaut (Kangana Ranaut) liked his game. However, Kangana does not like his game much. But Mandana and Sayesha did something in front of Kangana Ranaut, which everyone was stunned to see. In fact, all the contestants were told that they have to make their mark on the ones they like with the lipstick stamp and it was also told that if they want, they themselves can kiss them instead of the lipstick stamp. .

During this unique task, Sayesha gave a big shock to everyone while kissing on the lips of Mandana Karimi. Even though no one likes Mandana’s game, but she got the most kisses in this task, but Saisha’s kiss was very different. When Saisha was asked to mark the lipstick, she decided to kiss herself after waking up the stamp. Sayyeshaa said, she would kiss Munavvar but it is her fasting, so she would like to kiss Mandana. But no one expected that she would kiss on Mandana’s lips.

Kangna reveals the secret of green team

Today in the beginning of the episode, Kangana Ranaut first revealed the secret of ‘Green Team’. Kangana said that a green team is also being formed between the Orange team and the Blue team. Actually Ali, Vineet, Zeeshan and Mandana have formed a new group behind the backs of the family members, which they are calling ‘Team Green’. When this secret was revealed in front of the rest of the family, he looked quite surprised.

Payal accuses her team

During this game, Payal also made some allegations against her team and at the same time a unique game of ‘Kiss’ was also played with the family members. This week saw major changes within the ‘Lock-Up’ team, where Anjali Arora moved from Munawar’s team to Karanvir Bohra’s team and Payal Rohatgi, the most important member of the Orange team, moved to Munawwar’s Blue team. But after going to Team Blue, Payal started accusing her, she said that her team is very unhygienic and she spreads dirt. However, he also gave a befitting reply to this matter.

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