LPG Cylinder and ATF prices cut, know how it will affect you

The companies have given relief due to the softening of prices in the international markets. Jet fuel prices cut by over 11 per cent to reduce cost burden on airlines

ATF prices down

Image Credit source: millersguild

Soon it may be cheaper for you to taste in hotels, restaurants and fly by plane. The thing is like this. Actually, in the midst of inflation, a good news has come. While the price of commercial LPG has been cut on Monday, aviation turbine fuel There has also been a big cut of 12 percent in the price of Rs. Let’s start with the commercial cylinder first. IOC ie Indian Oil Corporation has cut the price of commercial LPG cylinders.

The price of commercial LPG cylinder ie 19 kg cylinder has been reduced. Obviously, after the reduction in the price of cylinders, the cost of restaurants, hotels, dhabas will come down and its effect will be seen in the form of reduction in the prices of dishes. Now we know how cheap the commercial LPG cylinder prices have become

How much did the price of commercial LPG cylinders decrease?

After the reduction of the price of LPG cylinder by Rs 36 in Delhi, it has become Rs 1976.50 per cylinder. Earlier its price was Rs 2012.50 per cylinder. At the same time, after a reduction of Rs 36.50, the price of LPG cylinder in Kolkata has gone up to Rs 2095.50 per cylinder. Earlier its price was Rs 2132 per cylinder.

The price of LPG cylinder in Mumbai has been cut by Rs 36 and it has become Rs 1936.50 per cylinder, which was earlier Rs 1972.50 per cylinder. After the reduction of Rs 36.50, the price of LPG cylinder in Chennai has gone up to Rs 2141 per cylinder. Earlier its price was Rs 2177.50 per cylinder. Now they know who is going to benefit from this deduction. However, the prices of non-subsidized domestic LPG cylinders have neither become expensive nor cheap today. The domestic LPG cylinder of 14.2 kg is available at the rate of 6 July and no change has been made in it. If you look at the prices of domestic gas cylinders, then they have remained beyond Rs 1000. It is getting Rs 1053 in Delhi, Rs 1053 in Mumbai, Rs 1079 in Kolkata and Rs 1068.50 in Chennai and there is no relief on its prices.

How much did ATF prices fall?

  • According to the information of Indian Oil Corporation, the prices of ATF in the country have been cut for the third time this year. In the capital Delhi, the price of ATF has come down to Rs 1,21,915.57 per kiloliter. In this, there has been a reduction of Rs 16,232.35 per kiloliter i.e. 11.74 percent.
  • Earlier, the price of ATF in Delhi was Rs 1,38,147.93. On the 16th of July, it was cut by 2.2 per cent i.e. Rs 3084.94, after which the ATF prices came down from the record high. Now let’s know the effect of this deduction.
  • The reduction in the price of ATF will reduce the operating cost of airline companies. ATF accounts for at least 50 percent of the operational cost of an airline, so the airline companies will get relief from today’s reduction.