Madonna Doesn’t Want ‘Misogynistic’ Men to Direct Her Biopic, ‘No One Going to Tell My Story But Me’

Madonna is working on her own biopic. She has said that she does not want anyone to produce her biopic. He has said these things in a recent interview.


Image Credit source: Instagram

pop star madonna is an American singer and songwriter. Madonna recently shared this information about her biopic that she is working on a film about her life and career. She has said in an interview to Variety that, ‘I am removing it but it is like hacking my body parts.’ In this film, ‘Inventing Anna’ star 28-year-old Julia Garner will be seen playing the role of a material girl hitmaker. However, this has not been confirmed yet.

In a recent interview with Variety, Madonna shared that many people, especially men who are anti-women, were trying to make a biopic on her, but she didn’t want anyone to tell her story. Rather, she herself will tell her own story. He said, ‘I have lived an extraordinary life, I have to make an extraordinary film.’

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