Maestro Review: The magic of ‘Andhadhun’ remake didn’t work, Nitin and Tamannaah Bhatia’s acting faded

movie maestro
Director- Merlapaka Gandhi
Cast – Tamannaah Bhatia, Nitin, Nabha Natesh, Jisshu Sengupta
Rating- 2.5

Every year remakes of many South films are made in Bollywood. The remakes of these films are very much liked by the audience. This time a Telugu remake of the Hindi blockbuster film Andhadhun has been made. Ayushmann Khurrana’s Andhadhun proved to be a superhit. This film was very much liked by everyone from the critics to the audience. Now its Telugu remake has been made, which is named Maestro.

Nitin, Tamannaah Bhatia, Nabha Natesh are seen in lead roles in Maestro. This film has been released on OTT platform. It has been released on Disney Plus Hotstar. If you are planning to watch the remake of Andhadhun, then first know how the film is.

this is the story

Andhadhun is a crime thriller. Whose level is not easy for everyone to match. It has also been very much liked abroad. Now talking about Maestro, its story is exactly like Andhadhun. In which Arun (Nitin) is seen in the character of a pianist who pretends to be blind. Who once gets into trouble. Tamannaah Bhatia is seen in the role of Tabu in the film. While Nabha in the role of Radhika Apte. The director has not made much changes in the story of the film. He has made some changes. The rest has kept it like Andhadhun.

how is acting

In Maestro, all three Nitin, Tamannaah and Nabha could not match the level of Ayushmann, Tabu and Radhika. Due to which this film could not be successful in leaving its mark. Nitin’s acting was still better but Tamannaah could not leave an impact like Tabu. His Telugu diction was defeated. On the other hand, talking about Nabha, she looked lost in her character. The way Radhika had made her identity apart from Ayushmann and Tabu, Nabha could not do this.

how is the movie

Talking about Maestro, this film has not been able to live up to the level of Andhadhun. Even though the film has been made keeping the same story, but it is said that a director can lift and drop the film in his own way. Actors have a big hand with him in this. He can make a weak story bang with his acting. There, a good story can also be dropped. This is what happened in Maestro. The actors could not do justice to this wonderful story. Along with this there was a lack of technical things which had an impact on the entire film. Beginning before the background music scene in the film. Some scenes have been dragged.

see why

If you haven’t seen Andhadhun, you can watch Maestro. Because after watching Andhadhun, you hardly like this film.

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